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Food, Lodging , Recreation & Manufactured Home Communities License and Inspection

The Taylor County Health Department is an agent for the Department of Agriculture and Trade & Consumer Protection, and the Department of Safety & Professional Services to license and inspect food, lodging, recreational and manufactured home communities establishments operating in Taylor County.

These types of facilities include restaurants, temporary food stands, hotels, pools, bed and breakfast, campgrounds, body art, retail food stores, recreation education camps, manufactured home communities and non-community transient drinking water wells. Taylor County under an agreement with the Department of Instruction also inspects school food centers. To obtain a license to operate any of these regulated public establishments, you must first complete the appropriate application. Applicants for retail food stores need to complete the Retail Food Application. Applicants for manufactured home communities should use the Manufactured Home Communities Application.  All other applicants are to use the Food, Lodging and Recreation Combined Permit application. All of these are available above. Be sure to sign your application and submit it to the Taylor County Health Department 30 days prior to opening. All applicants must include the permit fee with the application. Applications received without the permit fee are considered incomplete and will be returned. Upon receipt of a complete application the Health Department will contact you within 30 days to arrange for a pre-inspection of your establishment.

Whether you are buying or starting a new business, want information on a specific subject area or want additional training in safe food preparation be sure to check out the featured links at the top. You may also contact the Taylor County Health Department at 715-748-1410.