Water Testing

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Safe, clean water is one of the most important substances in our lives – for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning. Municipal water systems test their water regularly to ensure it is safe, but it’s up to private well owners to test their well water annually.

Water Testing Kits & Taylor County Lab Services

Fee exempt water test kits for at risk families as defined below are available to test for bacteria, nitrate, metals and fluoride who have a private well. You must be pregnant or have a child that lives with you age 5 and younger. The kit includes: a sterile sample bottle, the instructions for collecting the sample and a sample information form.. In addition, Taylor County Health Department operates a certified water laboratory to test private drinking water for bacteria, nitrates and arsenic.   The current fees for water testing are:

  • Bacteria – $20
  • Nitrates – $20
  • Arsenic – $25
  • All the Above – $60

Contact the health department at 715-748-1410 with any questions concerning our water testing criteria.

When should I test my well water?

Coliform Bacteria

  • Annually


  • This should be tested prior to children receiving fluoride supplements.


  • Once per Well


  • Newly constructed wells
  • Wells with no testing history
  • Before pregnancy and at time of birth
  • Annually, if located 1/4 mile from fertilized fields or animal feed lots

Water Test

  • After flooding
  • Noticeable changes in the taste, odor or appearance of your water

How do I get my results?

  • Test results for bacteria tested from our department are available in 48 hours.
  • Other test results may take up to three weeks following submission to the laboratory.  Results will be mailed to the person designated on the lab slip.

What do I do if the tests show there are problems with my well water?

  • If test results show you have coliform in your well water, a second sample should be taken to confirm the first results. The Environmental Health Specialist will provide follow-up recommendations with your test results if needed.