Land & Water Resource Management Plan

The purpose of the Taylor County Land Conservation Department is to implement the Land and Water Resource Management Plan.  The plan was approved by the Land Conservation Committee on January 18, 2011.

The plan goals are to

  1. Preserve and improve groundwater quality and maintain adequate quantity to supply clean water for domestic and industrial uses and for recharging surface waters and wetlands.
  2. Protect and enhance surface water and wetlands to preserve ecological, recreational, scenic values, fish and wildlife habitat.
  3. Promote sustainable agricultural and land use practices that encourage wise use of the land base of Taylor County.
  4. Encourage stewardship of private forest lands to protect soil, water resources, fish and wildlife habitat, and to promote sustainable resource use.
  5. Keep informed and influence all legislation that will have impacts on the Taylor County Land and Water Resource Management Plan goals and objectives.

To view current Land and Water Resource Management Plan [click here]