Nutrient Managment

What is a Nutrient Management Plan?
Nutrient Management is a way for Wisconsin farmers to ensure that their crops get the right source of nutrients at the right rate, time and place to match crop needs and minimize nutrient losses from fields. Nutrient management planning is based on soil type, slope, crop rotations and residual nutrients, and takes both manure and commercial fertilizers into account. Nutrient management requires soil testing, record-keeping, crop management planning, and meeting state and federal standards.

What are the benefits?
Nutrient management planning helps to optimize use of on farm nutrients, prevent excessive nutrient build-up, reduce fertilizer costs, maintain soil health for successful crop production, and reduce environmental risks. These enhance farm profitability and protect local and regional water resources.

How do farmers get help with writing a Nutrient Management Plan?

A certified crop advisor can develop a plan

  • Rod Ellwanger, CCA, Dairyland Laboratories, Inc ,217 East Main Street, Arcadia, WI

(608)323-2123, (715)415-7254 (cell),

  • Diane Beels, Agronomist, CCA of Vita Plus, 213 East Mill, Loyal, WI 54446


  • James Arch, Arch Crop Consulting, W7016 Chickadee Road, Greenwood, WI 54437


  • Matt Luther, Rock River Laboratories, M128 CR C, Marshfield, WI 54449


  • Paul Sturgis, Croptech Agronomics, LLC, 5944 Maplewood Road, Vesper, WI 54489


*Call 715-748-1469 to get your name added or removed from this list.

Become certified to write your own plan

The 2016 Nutrient Management Planning classes have been set. There are three different class times to choose from. Class will be held with at the Spencer, Medford, or Wausau NTC campus. Download registration information to get signed up – 1st class starts January 8th!

Each winter, a course is offered through NTC at Spencer, Medford, and Wausau. The course is designed to develop a NMP that will meet the NRCS requirements. Participants will enter soil test information into the software program, Snap+, and will develop a plan using the data. The course fee is reimbursable.

Technical assistance to develop a plan is available through the LCD

Cost-sharing is available to implement a nutrient management plan. Options are 75% of the cost of soil testing, or $7/acre for 4 years ($28/acre). Payments are made after a nutrient management plan that meets the standard is complete.