Public Legal Notice 4/17/17

Public Legal Notice

Notice of Right to Comment on Nonmetallic Mine
Reclamation Plan Received by Taylor County

Notice is hereby given that the Taylor County Zoning Department will receive written public comment until 9:00 AM on Monday, April 17, 2017 for expansion of an existing nonmetallic mine reclamation plan received by this department for review. Rules for nonmetallic mine reclamation are included in NR 135, Wisconsin Administrative Code. The rule is administered by the Taylor County Zoning Department and regulates the reclamation of land disturbed by nonmetallic mining operations that commenced after August 1, 2001. The operations at the site may include mining of sand or gravel as well as washing, crushing, or other mining activities. Reclamation measures may include use as ponds, recreation land, or other. Under NR 135.20 (4)(c), Wisconsin Administrative Code, landowners adjacent to or within 300 feet of the parcel containing the nonmetallic mine may request a public informational hearing if more information is needed or if objection is filed to reclamation plan. The reclamation plan and application for the location of the nonmetallic mine listed below is available for inspection at the Taylor County Zoning Office, the Medford Public Library, and the Gilman Public Library.  A reclamation plan has been received for expanding an existing nonmetallic mine at the following location:

MINE #32 – Main Pit expansion
Pt. NW¼ SE¼ and pt. SE¼ SE¼, Sec. 14, T33N-R4W
Town of McKinley
Operator:  John S. Olynick, Inc.
Owner:  Dolores Olynick & Christopher Olynick, LLC

The Taylor County Zoning Department will review all comments and testimony presented (if necessary) pertaining to the reclamation plan and reserves the right to make a final determination upon any reclamation plan submitted for the nonmetallic mine described in this notice. For additional information, contact the office listed below at (715) 748-1485.


Taylor County Zoning Department
224 South Second Street
Medford, WI 54451

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